What We Do

AMP Does It All — A comprehensive marketing plan has a lot of moving parts. And to be successful these many disparate components must seamlessly fit together. We don’t necessarily do all of the work ( we work with our clients internal art and PR departments every day), but we are key in the implementation of coordinated marketing, advertising and PR functions.


Content Generation — The traditional print media model and the new enthusiast websites with paid digital ads have broken down and are extremely inefficient at converting customers. And you can no longer depend on your product(s) getting coverage in high-circulation (500K <) magazines because those magazines no longer exist. The remaining more vertical publications are operating on a “pay-to-play” basis and editorial coverage is determined by who pays the most. The only feasible answer is to publish your own content on your own website. That way you control the message, you control the publishing schedule, and your content is available archived there, month-after-month.

Traditional Tech & Feature Editorial — The informative product stories with photos and captions are in high demand by consumers, enthusiasts and potential customers. Folks want to know how products work, their correct application and how they compare to similar products. This style of content is ideal and can be used as a blog on your site, and is easily re-purposed for social media outlets like Facebook and Instagram. AMP will ensure that every piece of content is Search Engined Optimized (SEO) to drive maximum traffic to your site.

Video Content — The second most important search function for your website next to Google is YouTube. Video is more highly sought after by the 18-34-year-olds, especially with more than 65% of web content being viewed on a mobile device. Auto Media Productions has full video shooting and editing capabilities, and because we can combine our video services with our other capabilities, we are able to keep our fees surprisingly low.

Static & Video Press Releases — A complete marketing plan includes both static and video press releases. “Free” press releases are still the best marketing value you can find. People always want to read about what’s new, so press releases are often more effective than similar-sized paid ads.

Ad Creative — AMP will design an effective "one-off” ad, or a complete campaign. While content generation should be the focus of any company, most companies still need an effective ad messaging campaign for brand-building purposes. Check out our portfolio section to see some examples of our work. Thanks to our industry insider status, we negotiate the lowest ad rates possible for our clients.

Consulting — In reality we consult with our clients virtually every day. Together we form a creative team that is hard to beat. But when it comes down to the hard questions like “where should we advertise”, “what products should we push” and “what new products should we look at”, AMP has the answers. We have guided several successful new launches such as Edge Products and Track Master Products. And we have invigorated established companies such as Magnuson Products and Quick Fuel Technology.

Event Production & Promotion — Auto Media Productions can handle anything from a simple product introduction for the press to a recurring major car event like the O’Reilly Street Machine And Muscle Car Nationals held annually at the Pomona Fairplex. AMP is very instrumental in the planning, operations and participation at the event. Advanced promotion, on-site management and followup coverage can be part of the package.

Photography — There are many “qualified” photographers available, but few really know how to shoot a car or an engine compartment — or what’s important to showcase on your new product. AMP’s photographic team has some of the best, including freelancers like Randy Lorentzen whose photography has graced hundreds of magazine covers. The AMP staff has it fair share of “shooters” too like Stephen Kim, Crystal Huber and Len Emanuelson. Some of us have been getting photos published for more than 45 years, and have shot photos from the Bonneville Speed Week, to Le Mans, to most of the car magazine swimsuit issues. AMP has full studio, high-speed action and location capability.