New GTR R35 Downpipes by SPA Turbo


SIMI VALLEY, CA – Nissan GTRs are hot – literally. The GTRs turbo downpipes are prone to warping and cracking and are fairly restrictive. SPA Turbo offers a much-improved R35 downpipe that features a cast bell-mouth design for optimized flow. Both ends are cast in 304 stainless steel welded to a stainless tube mid-section. Severe testing has shown that the SPA cast design is far more durable than hand fabricated/non-cast versions.

SPA’s new GTR downpipes fit 2009-2017 Nissan GTR R35s. You can expect quicker turbo spooling, more horsepower due to reduced backpressure and reduced turbo temperatures with this simple modification. Plus, you gain the added durability of extremely strong and efficient stainless steel castings.

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SPA Turbo Heats Up the Toyota 2JZGE


SIMI VALLEY, CA – Most Americans remember the Toyota 2JZGE as the 24-valve, inline six that was available normally aspirated and as the GTE with twin, sequentially staged turbos in the Toyota Supra. However, the engine was available in many Lexus models as well as Toyota’s home-market models from ’91 into the 2,000s. The engines are square bore and stroke (86mm) and they are identical except for lower compression pistons and piston oilers (coolers) for the GTE turbo version.

Both the GE and GTE are a great basis for a high performance engine, but the turbo GTE is pretty hard to find. NO PROBLEM – SPA Turbo has designed and manufactured a twin-scroll exhaust manifold that features the individual exhaust runners of a header with the durability of a cast iron manifold. It offers the flow and tuned length of an individual header pipe that merges into a twin scroll design providing superior turbo response and performance.

The exhaust is only one-half of the solution. SPA Turbo has also improved the intake side of the engine with its unique cast aluminum intake manifold that features a huge plenum with individual internal stacks. The add runner length improves performance and driveability when not in boost and adds a ram effect when the pressure builds.  It is strong enough to handle extreme levels of boost without cracking. The throttle body has a Ford Mustang bolt pattern and accepts up to 105mm bore size throttle bodies. SPA offers the manifold set up for 6 or 12 injectors and a fillet fuel rail is included.

SPA can also set you up with a new twin-scroll turbo and the additional fuel components you may need to turbo an existing non-turbo 2JZGE or make ridiculous power by upgrading an existing 2JZGTE. For more information please contact:

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SPA Turbo Ford Duratec 2.0L Race Cams


Simi Valley, CA – Ford’s Duratec HE 2.0L and 2.3L all aluminum DOHC four cylinder engines can be found in the Ford Focus and various Mazda models. The base 2.0L comes from the factory rated at 136hp, but is easily capable of upwards of 250hp with a few upgrades such as Spa Turbo’s racing camshafts. These cams fit most Duratec 2.0L/2.3L engines but are NOT compatible with Mazda’s variable cam timing feature. These cams require upgraded valve springs but are designed for the standard pulley and friction washer. The timing slot is positioned for optimum cam timing eliminating the need for the tedious cam phasing process.

The high-flowing DOHC cylinder head and high compression design of the Duratec lends itself to increased cam timing. SPA Turbo’s intake camshaft specs out at 282-degrees of duration with .453” valve lift. The exhaust cam features 262-degrees of duration with .388” valve lift. Together, the SPA Turbo cams have a max rpm of 7800rpm and a very large powerband.

To attain those potential 250 horsepower numbers the engine will also need a larger intake and free-flowing exhaust headers to take advantage of the increased cam timing. Also, a recalibrated engine tune is required, but not supplied with the camshafts that are sold as a set.

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SPA Turbo 4.3L GM Exhaust/Turbo Manifolds


Simi Valley, CA – With more than 25 years experience of designing and manufacturing high-end racing components for its home market, SPA Turbo is turning its focus to the U.S. One of its first U.S.-dedicated products is a set of 4.3L GM Vortec exhaust manifolds that not only serve to replace the commonly cracked manifolds for both standard and turbocharged engines, but as the foundation to turbocharge these engines. With these SPA Turbo manifolds you can turbocharge your existing 4.3L S-10, El Camino or Astro Van –building your own versions of the rare, but wickedly fast GMC Syclone and Typhoon trucks and SUVs.

Precision cast from high-quality, nodular cast iron, SPA Turbo added a universal T3, T4 and wastegate V-band flange in the original Syclone turbo location. SPA Turbo also offers several T3 and T4 turbochargers and various turbo components necessary to create your own 4.3L turbo kit. These manifolds feature superior nodular iron and additional reinforcement in critical areas compared to O.E. manifolds.

The manifold set includes V-band flanges and clamps so that you can easily fabricate your own crossover pipe that connects the manifolds to fit your particular application.

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