The Ultimate Fuel Pressure Regulator From Quick Fuel Technology

Bowling Green, KY – Precise fuel pressure is a critical part of engine tuning, whether you run on the street, strip, or oval track. Variations in pressure can cause carburetor malfunctions, irregular throttle response, and poor engine performance. Now you can eliminate pressure variations forever with the new Billet Pressure Regulators from Quick Fuel Technology.

The new regulators use the same race-tested design as QFT's die cast regulators, with the added precision and consistency of CNC-machined billet-aluminum construction. The "Black Top" Billet Regulator features ball and stem activation and QFT's alcohol-compatible GFLT diaphragm assembly for high-flow capacity that can support up to 900 horsepower. The "Blue Top" Bypass Regulator is designed for alcohol systems with mechanical (two stage) fuel pumps, and features a changeable idle jet to regulate low-side operating pressure during periods of low fuel demand. High-side pressure is regulated with a stem and seat bypass system. QFT "Red Top" bypass regulators are designed to work with electric fuel pumps. The Red Top enables excess fuel to return to the tank, eliminating "creep" at low RPM with a restriction-free bypass. All three Billet Pressure Regulators have an adjustment range of 4-13 PSI and are designed to meet the most stringent requirements in racing.

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