The Ultimate Circle Track Carburetor By Quick Fuel Technology

BOWLING GREEN, KY – Circle track racers have special needs when it comes to carburetion. First, they need excellent fuel control to ensure precise fuel metering under hard cornering, braking and acceleration. Unlike many other so-called circle track carburetors, Quick Fuel Technology’s SSR-650-CT combines patented baffled fuel bowls and metering blocks with unique wedge shaped Nitrophyl-M floats to provide superior fuel control – no matter how many Gs the car pulls, or how bumpy the track. QFT’s new Nitrophyl-M floats are methanol resistant too.

Secondly, a driver needs precise throttle control to balance available traction with the available power. QFT uses Teflon™ coated throttle shafts with Teflon™ bearings for the smoothest throttle motion in the business. Combine this with QFT’s QuickLink™ adjustable secondary throttle linkage, and you can quickly adjust throttle action to match track conditions. With QuickLink™ you can delay secondary opening or speed it up.

QFT’s SSR-650-CT carburetor is a lightweight alternative for traditional crate motors. Its all-aluminum construction reduces weight over Zinc-bodied carbs by 2/3rds. It has tough, stainless steel throttle plates and sight glass windows for easy float adjustment.

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