NHRA Legal Stock and Super Stock 850 CFM Carburetor

BOWLING GREEN, KY - Quick Fuel Technology is expanding its product line by helping out racers with the new NHRA Stock and Super Stock class legal 850 CFM carburetor (#SSR-850). NHRA officials approved the all cast-aluminum SSR carb from QFT for competition in these classes. Designed and built specifically for competition, this mechanical secondary carb features complete adjustability to provide easy tuning at the track.

The innovators at QFT engineered the SSR-850 carb to have screw-in air bleeds, changeable emulsion restrictions in the metering blocks and clear fuel bowl sight glasses for easy float adjustment. The screw-in air bleeds and changeable emulsion restrictions allow the racer to fine-tune their engine's fuel curve with even greater precision than ever before providing the engine a more consistent air/fuel mixture throughout the entire RPM range.

Every SSR-850 carb comes with jet extensions and a notched float that keep the jets submerged in the fuel while your car leaves hard off the line for reliable straight-line performance. Every QFT carb is hand-built and engine tested in-house before it is shipped.

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