Quick Fuel Technology’s® Quick Kits Restore New Carburetor Performance

BOWLING GREEN, KY -- After a hard season of racing, your Quick Fuel Technology® (QFT) performance carburetor may need a little TLC. QFT’s Quick Kits are all you need for a quick rebuild to restore your carburetor to like-new performance. Race fuel additives can deteriorate many “soft” carburetor parts like needle and seat assemblies, power valves, pump diaphragms and gaskets. Performance may slowly fall off, and it is hard to pinpoint why.

Rather than deal with these sometimes perplexing problems at the track, installing a QFT Quick Kit will ensure consistent and repeatable performance. Plus, these new kits will actually upgrade your QFT carb with redesigned fuel bowl and metering block gaskets with larger diameter holes including booster through-holes and main jet feed passages. No longer is there a chance of the gasket becoming the restriction or metering device. All gaskets are made out of MP-15 non-stick gasket material that provides excellent sealing ability and retains fastener torque.

A simple lean or nitrous backfire in the intake system can rupture or compromise the performance of a power valve. QFT’s Quick Kits also include its exclusive FOUR DOOR® power valves that provide greater flow capacity and react more quickly to rapid throttle opening. Another component included in the kit are GFLT accelerator pump diaphragms that will provide reliable performance for all alcohol-based fuels, ensure crisp throttle response and a full pump shot when you need it.

QFT Quick Kits are available for six applications: 2300 style flange, 350-500cfm 2bbl circle track applications, gas only; 4150 mechanical secondary, gas only; 4150 vacuum secondary, gas only; 4150 E85 and alcohol applications; 4500 2- and 3-circuit, gas only, and 4500 2- and 3-circuit for E85 and alcohol only.

For more information on QFT’s race-winning carburetors and fuel system components, please contact, Quick Fuel Technology, 129 Dishman Lane, Bowling Green, KY 42101. Phone (270) 793-0900. Fax (270) 793-0951. Visit us at www.quickfueltechnology.com

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