Quick Fuel Technology Expands Its Line Of E85 Carburetors & Conversion Kits

BOWLING GREEN, KY – Have you noticed the price of race gas or even pump premium lately? Smart racers and street performance enthusiasts alike are making the switch to the affordable alternative – E85 with its true 105 octane rating. Quick Fuel Technology, the undisputed leader in E85 carburetor technology has introduced 10 different models with various airflow ratings and calibrations. The Quick Fuel SS-650 and SS-750 models are calibrated primarily for the street, the Q-750 is available for drag, circle track racing or blow-through applications, and Q-850 through Q-1050s will cover virtually any race/performance application. Hundreds of big-block bracket racers have embraced Quick Fuel’s large flange QFX-4710 1050cfm E85 carburetor for its round-to-round consistency and incredible performance.

Not only has Quick Fuel precisely tuned and configured a full line of performance E85 carbs, they have packed them with features that will resist the highly corrosive 85-percent ethanol fuel for years of trouble free performance. Special high-flow bullet style stainless steel needle and seat assemblies prevent sticking caused by fuel contaminants, and E85 resistant GFLT accelerator pumps have replaced traditional rubber pumps. Alcohol resistant floats with stainless steel hinges are designed for improved leverage to close the larger needle and seats. The special billet throttle body and metering blocks have been anodized for protection and the fuel bowls are also coated for corrosion protection. Stainless steel throttle plates glide on Teflon™ coated throttle shafts and feature the QuickLink system that easily change secondary opening rates.

Quick Fuel not only offers complete E85 carbs, they have conversion kits for gas 4500HP® style carbs. These conversion kits contain everything necessary to convert your carb to E85. Quick Fuel also offers billet E85 metering blocks for 4150 style carbs plus all of the individual pieces to make the changeover. Another helpful E85 tool that is essential for E85 racers is Quick Fuel’s E85 fuel checker (E-Checker) that measures the amount of ethanol present in E85. This can vary from 70- to 85-percent depending on the refining process. While this is insignificant to street performance drivers, it is vital for racers looking to extract the maximum out of their engines.

For more information, contact: Quick Fuel Technology, 129 Dishman Lane, Bowling Green, KY 42101. Phone (270) 793-0900. Fax (270) 793-0951. Web www.quickfueltechnology.com.

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