New Circle Track “Wedge” Carb Floats By Quick Fuel Technology

BOWLING GREEN, KY – One of the carburetor’s shortcomings for racing is controlling fuel slosh in the fuel bowl. Quick Fuel Technology (QFT), makers of racing and performance street carburetors has several innovations to help solve these problems. QFT discovered that float shape and design has a lot to do with controlling fuel flow, especially in a circle track car that deals with huge sideways centrifugal forces. They have also found that by dividing the float chamber with baffles and isolating the float in a smaller chamber greatly helps fuel control.

The new QFT Circle Track Floats are wedged shaped and made out of Nitrophyl-M material that is methanol resistant. The float’s wedge shape allows fuel to “stack-up” to one side of the fuel bowl in a hard turn without raising the float, closing the inlet needle and seat causing a lean condition coming off the corner. When used with QFT’s fuel bowls and metering blocks with matching internal baffles, carburetor fuel handling problems on circle track cars are virtually eliminated.

QFT’s new circle track floats can be used on all 4150-style carbs, and QFT’s P-Series, Q-Series and SSR-650-CTs. The part numbers are 16-13 for the primary fuel bowl, and 16-12 for the secondary bowl. The good news for racers is that this superior technology actually costs less than QFT’s existing Nitrophyl-style floats.

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