Concours Quality Classic Carb Restoration By Quick Fuel Technology

Bowling Green, KY: Everyone knows Quick Fuel Technology specializes in manufacturing ready to install “out of the box” street performance and racing carburetors, but their best-kept secret is their CUSTOM carb restorations. Concours quality restorations, like this 1970 muscle car Q-Jet, are done by the craftsmen at the QFT factory. What a way to finish off a restored engine compartment!

Quick Fuel Technology completely disassembles each carb, cleans every individual part, separates the parts for specific plating, and re-colors the main body. All the original external parts that came with the carb are reused, unless they are damaged, and you receive the exact same numbers matching carburetor back, only restored to perfection. All the internal parts, like jets, metering rods, float, etc., are new correct replacements.

QFT can restore any classic carb to factory specs and appearance regardless of application. If you’re running an AFB, Motorcraft, Rochester 2 or 4-bbl or any other variety or size of classic American carb or multiple carbs....they can do it! This piece of jewelry was reinstalled on a 366 HP engine, and the only adjustment necessary was to the engine idle screw. Again, “QFT perfection right out of the box”. Call them for a quote on your carburetor restoration, and check them out at

If you’re looking for the crowning touch for your restored motor contact the fuel delivery experts at Quick Fuel Technology, 129 Dishman Lane, Bowling Green, KY 42101, Ph: 270-793-0900, Fax: 270-793-0951.

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