The “Perfect Storm” Hits Super/Gas

BOWLING GREEN, KY – All eyes are turned to Super/Gas with the introduction of the Quick Fuel Technology®  – sponsored C7 Corvette roadster. New racecars are debuted every day so what’s so special here? To begin with it’s the first 2017 C7 roadster to be sculpted into a drag car, and what sculpture it is – this Greg Russell Design has Best Appearing Honors written all over it. And while race fans and competitors alike will find it hard to look away, veteran driver Michelle Furr will be “crushing it” winning rounds, races and championships.

The “perfect storm” is really the coming together of Richard Earl’s Suncoast Race Cars that fabricated the car using the best components possible such as a Moser rear end and axles and an Abuzzi trans and converter; Stan Ray of Ohio Crankshaft built the horsepower using a Bill Mitchell Products a 632cid aluminum block topped with Trick Flow heads and a huge QFX 1250-TS carb with Hooker Black Heart Headers, MSD ignition components and Earl’s Plumbing; and the incredible C7 Corvette wedge body design that combines low aero drag with high-speed stability and excellent downforce. The “Force Multiplier” in all this is Furr Racing – driver Michelle, her crew chief husband Rick, and their junior racers Madilyn and Adiayn. Over the past 10 years they have been a dominant force in Super/Comp, Top/Dragster, Super Street and ET Brackets and Jr. Dragsters. Michelle has been one of the very few racers that has successfully transitioned from dragster to door slammer on a weekly basis.

How deadly is this concentration of talent? The second full pass on the Quick Fuel Corvette was a 9.96 on a 9.90 Super/Gas Index, and the car made it to the third round of competition on its first outing. When Michelle acclimates herself to her new ride with the help of her Racepak data acquisition, she will be tough to beat!

For more information please contact Quick Fuel Technology, Phone: (270) 793-0900, Web: or Furr Racing, Phone: 276-236-4270, Web:

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QFT Founder Marvin Benoit Retires After 19 Great Years

BOWLING GREEN, KY – Ask any racer or performance enthusiast about the defining attributes of Quick Fuel Technology and they are likely to sum it up in one word – “innovation”. Marvin Benoit is all about creating fuel system products that are easier to use, faster on the track and more affordable for the racer, because, after all Marvin is a racer at heart, and he is building products he would want to use on his own racecars.

A few examples of his innovative genius would include QFT’s QuickSet™ vacuum secondary adjustment that eliminates the hassle of changing vacuum pod springs, high-flow 4-Door™ power valves that react faster and flow more fuel, die-cast and billet aluminum components for lighter weight and adding tuning features found in high-end carbs, like changeable idle and air bleeds to most QFT carbs regardless of price. Realizing that carburetors still offer some advantages over EFI, Marvin incorporated the best annular booster carb technology into Quick Fuel’s QFi to create a superior EFI throttle body.

When Marvin left Holley in ’97 to start up Quick Fuel Technology his goal was simply to sell small carburetor components to racers. It wasn’t long before QFT was building its own line of carburetors and equipping them so that they were ready-to-race out of the box. Many a carb shootout against custom builders has been won by box-stock QFT carbs. QFT’s product line evolved with fuel pumps, pressure regulators and most recently, EFI. Marvin was awarded 9 patents for fuel system innovations over those 19 years. As a result, Quick Fuel now sells in excess of 50,000 carburetors a year. Marvin sold QFT to High Performance Industries in 2012.

Now Marvin is planning on spending time with his family, traveling and of course racing his eclectic collection of racecars. He wants to thank his many employees and customers over the years for their loyalty and support.  He looks forward to seeing them at the racetrack and shows in the future. For more information on QFT’s race-winning carburetors and fuel system components, please contact Quick Fuel Technology, 129 Dishman Lane, Bowling Green, KY 42101. Phone (270) 793-0900. Fax (270) 793-0951. Visit us at

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Quick Fuel Technology® Launches New Website For 2016

BOWLING GREEN, KY – Finding good, accurate information about fuel systems for street performance and racing is getting more difficult every year, so Quick Fuel Technology® (QFT) launched its new content-rich website dedicated to the mysteries of what components to buy, how to set them up and how to tune high performance fuel systems. Although the information is specific to QFT products in many cases, the information is applicable to most fuel systems industry-wide.’s homepage is organized with a bold photo rotator that showcases the new and different products that set QFT apart from the competition, below which QFT’s product line has been broken down into six categories. For instance, carburetors are broken down into Street, Drag Race, Circle Track, Marine and Custom Builds. If you click on “Street” you are shown five different Series of carburetors. Selecting the ultimate QFT carb for your application can be complicated – with the new QFT website, it’s foolproof!

If you want more research you can click the Tech Info button in the top nav bar and read up on everything from how a carb works, to basic tuning tips and even race-only calibration. Or if you’re not up to a bunch of reading, select a video that covers some of the same subjects. QFT will be adding informational videos, info-packed content and video product releases each month. All of this content can be shared with friends, clubs and user forums.

Other features include downloadable PDFs of QFT’s catalogs and brochures, the latest news from Quick Fuel and a shopping cart where you can purchase all of Quick Fuel’s fuel system components online.

For more information on QFT’s race-winning carburetors and fuel system components, please contact Quick Fuel Technology, 129 Dishman Lane, Bowling Green, KY 42101. Phone (270) 793-0900. Fax (270) 793-0951. Visit us at

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