Affordable Performance Carbs Hot Rod Series by Quick Fuel Technology

BOWLING GREEN, KY - Upgrade the performance and looks of your street machine, rod or truck without sacrificing your next paycheck with a new Hot Rod series carburetor from Quick Fuel Technology (QFT). Every Hot Rod carb features air and fuel delivery performance upgrades that will maximize the power output from every cubic-inch inside your cars engine.

QFT engineered the Hot Rod series carbs with characteristics rarely seen on affordable street carbs. Every carb is constructed out of lightweight polished cast-aluminum parts and feature: dual metering blocks, premium non-stick gaskets and universal throttle levers. The top quality needles and seats, screw-in air bleeds and sight windows make for easy tuning. QFT hand assembles and engine tests every Hot Rod series carb before it leaves the warehouse.

Hot Rod carbs are offered in sizes from 580 to 780-cfm with either vacuum or mechanical secondaries. The vacuum secondary housing has an adjustment screw so you can easily tune the opening rate of the secondaires. The mechanical secondary links can be changed depending on your needs from soft progressive to medium progressive or 1:1.

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