I have been blessed to have a dream career in automotive journalism and advertising. As the editor of Popular Hot Rodding, Hot Rod, and Motor Trend I worked incredibly long days, weekends and holidays, but I always felt like I never worked a day in my life. Cars, especially fast cars are my passion. Connecting with these mechanical marvels and the people who created them is an adventure that I look forward to every day. Developing content for emerging media such as digital, video and social has presented exciting new challenges. My goal at Auto Media Productions is to make it the premier provider of content for the automotive aftermarket.


Crystal grew up in the Automotive Industry and has always had a passion for cars, both old and new. She joined Auto Media in 2006 after earning her degree from California Lutheran University. She has experience in graphic and web design, photography, and event coordination.


Jim McGowan has been involved in automotive publishing, marketing, advertising and classic car restoration for almost 50-years. An industry veteran, he founded Automedia 2000 in 1997 and is still representing major automotive clients.