JESEL Reintroduc­es Premium Stud Rocker Systems


LAKEWOOD, NJ – While Jesel has built its brand of valvetrain innovation with shaft rocker systems there are some race sanctioning bodies that still prohibit shaft rocker conversions such as NHRA and IHRA Stock Eliminator classes. Despite their extreme sophistication in many respects, these “stockers” are still required to run stud rockers.

Back in the early ‘90s Jesel designed high tech stud rockers for NASCAR racers that faced similar rules restrictions at the time. Jesel has reintroduced its innovative design with several new features made possible with improvements in materials and machining operations. However, true to their unique design, they require no bothersome stud girdles or guideplates  – instead, the rocker pivots on a steel stanchion post that engages Jesel’s patented retainer plate to keep the rocker arm perfectly aligned with the valve. It is securely fastened to the cylinder head using a 7/16” to 3/8” stepped stud and ARP 12-point nuts. The steel stanchion post can be shimmed up or down to adjust the rocker arm height for correct valve tip geometry.  

Jesel’s main areas of focus for improving on its 30-year-old design was to remove weight to reduce the moment of inertial and to reduce friction with premium dual 3/8”-wide bearings with external thrust washers that ride on precision-ground, tool steel trunions. Needle bearing nose rollers further reduced valvetrain friction. The precision ultra-lite CNC bodies are machined from 2024 aluminum then receive a shot-peened finish to help resist fatigue from stress under hot operating conditions. Jesel’s proven 3/8-24 cup style adjuster allows for precise valve lash setting.

Currently, Jesel’s Premium Stud Rockers are available for 24-degree Big-Block Chevy heads, but other popular engine models will be made available. Engine builders have reported significant horsepower gains as well as increased valvetrain stability at extreme rpm. For more information go to:

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Introducing The Jesel EQUAL EIGHT An Engine Without Compromise!


INDIANAPOLIS, IN – What better place to introduce an all-new, clean sheet pushrod V8 engine than in the cradle of American speed innovation, the 2018 PRI Show. Winning the JE Pistons Master of Motors award was extremely gratifying for EQUAL EIGHT creator, Dan Jesel whose company, Jesel Valvetrain Innovation is about to celebrate its 40th anniversary of speed and excellence.

Where the EQUAL EIGHT departs from conventional pushrod engine design is that it was not limited by OEM designs, race sanctioning rules or aftermarket parts interchangeability. It is really the culmination of years of Dan Jesel doing “work arounds” to crutch production car designs to adapt them for racing. The Jesel EQUAL EIGHT is the first pushrod V8 that is totally symmetrical in port and valvetrain layout (hence EQUAL for each cylinder). It has a Straight Column Valvetrain (SCVT) that features short pushrods with less than 1 degree of angularity out of the lifter bore and are perpendicular to the rocker arm shaft as they engage the rocker lash adjuster.

The details of this build are staggering, but the real story is that the EQUAL EIGHT adds up to much more than the sum of its parts. For example the 1-inch diameter Cartridge Wheel-Guided lifters have giant 1.220”-diameter rollers that are just .250” wide and ride on 5/16”-wide cam lobes. The large diameter tool steel camshaft has its bearings located between the crankshaft main bearings to ensure that perfect straight path of lifter to valve. This is all a carefully orchestrated use of 40 years of Jesel valvetrain innovation, combined with high tech design, manufacturing and materials.

While its easy to get consumed in the details, here’s a brief overview of the package: The cylinder block is a billet aluminum wet sleeve design with 5” bore centers machined by Weston Machine. This particular 427cid version has a 4.500’ bore, 8.5”-tall deck and splayed main bearing caps. A short deck height combined with a 6.300” crank to cam spacing enables the pushrods to be just 8.00”-long. The block has oversized 11”-wide pan rails to minimize windage. The 3.350” stroke Winberg billet steel crankshaft has 2.500” main journals and 1.850” rod journals. The 1.600”-wide front and rear crankshaft pendulum counter weights require no heavy metal for balance.

Although the EQUAL EIGHT is dry-sumped, you don’t see a bunch of hoses snaking all over the place because the gear-driven variable pressure pump and scavenge pumps are artfully integrated into the cylinder block design.

Symmetrical port, billet aluminum heads are machined and ported by Slawko Racing Heads. They carry huge Victory 2.400” un-shrouded intake valves and 1.700” exhausts with miniscule 42cc combustion chambers. The valvesprings ride in adjustable height copper “heat sink” spring cups to dissipate spring temperature at 12,000+rpm.  The heads are fastened down with (4) head studs per cylinder that provided optimum port and manifold location. The intake manifold is a Wilson Manifolds billet tunnel ram with Bob Book Racing billet Dominator-style carburetors.

Needless to say, the ARP hardware holding everything together is very specialized and purpose-designed by Jesel with ARP. The engine was designed to be easy to service with removable wet sleeves, replaceable cartridge lifter modules and cylinder heads that can be removed with the rocker system intact. Since its return from the PRI show the EQUAL EIGHT is being readied for its first dyno tests. Dan is predicting 1,325 naturally aspirated horsepower out of this 427 version. That’s more that 3hp per cubic inch!

Additional photos and details of this amazing new race engine available at

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Dan Jesel Receives NHRA Lifetime Achievement Award

Dan Jesel was presented NHRA’s Lifetime Achievement Award on June 16, 2017 at Beach Bend Raceway Park in Bowling Green, Kentucky. Dan started Jesel Valvetrain Innovation as an offshoot of his engine building business in 1980. Early on, Dan realized that the only way to truly improve Chevrolet vavletrains was to install shaft rockers. Dan found the solution was to relocate the rocker’s pivot point with a shaft rocker system, and a thriving business was created.

A pattern quickly developed – analyze the problem, innovate a solution and deliver a new Jesel product to market.  Over the past 37 years Dan duplicated this process many times spawning innovative products such as camshaft belt drives, keyway-guided roller lifters, large diameter camshafts and double roller OHC cam followers.

Jesel products have become the valvetrain component of choice. Today, many winning NHRA Top Fuel, Funny Car and Pro Stock car racers use Jesel valvetrain components, and building valvetrains for Pro Stock and Top Fuel cars offers little room for compromise. Dan decided early on that Jesel’s reputation would be built on quality. Good design is essential, but quality materials and state-of-the-art machining centers are critical components of Jesel’s quality and its success story.

Dan’s quest for better customer service never ceases. Due to the huge proliferation of new aftermarket cylinder heads and complexity of today’s valvetrains, Dan opened the Jesel Custom Shop to provide machining and setup services for its customers. Now Jesel’s customers can take advantage of the most sophisticated machinery available operated by the Jesel brain trust.

Dan’s brother Wayne also received the NHRA Lifetime Achievement Award at the same time. Wayne has worked hand-in-hand with Dan since their early days of NHRA Modified racing and as a liaison to the racing community.

Dan is far from finished making his mark on the racing community. There are many new products in the Jesel pipeline including one of Dan’s passions, a “clean sheet” race engine design that eliminates the compromises found in most production-based engines.

Both Dan and Wayne are extremely honored to receive these awards from NHRA. Their mission has always been to serve the racer first.

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Hot New Design: JESEL LS7 Pedestal Rockers

LAKEWOOD, NJ – Jesel is well known for its innovation in shaft rocker systems where its proprietary valvetrain geometry can be optimized with rocker pivot length, ratio and fulcrum height minimizing rocker/valve tip scrub at peak valve lifts and pressures.

However, the new race rules for Factory Stock GM COPO engines require that the stock valvetrain design be retained with any rocker upgrade, and frankly, these new LS-style heads leave little room for a proper shaft rocker system. So Jesel simply reinvented the pedestal rocker for these ultra performance LS heads. While they were created specifically for the COPO engines, they will be right at home on any all-out drag/turbo/supercharged/nitrous LS engine that uses LS7 style heads.

Jesel machines the rockers from 4340 billet steel, that are fully heat treated and REM-finished. They rotate on heat-treated, tool steel trunions on dual .312” needle bearings. These billet steel rockers feature .250”-wide x .520” diameter needle bearing nose rollers and threaded ball-style lash adjusters. These jewel-like assemblies are fastened down with ARP hardware.

esel’s LS7 Pedestal Rocker Systems are designed for stock length valves with 1.80 ratios, but can handle higher spring pressures and increased valve lifts over stock rockers.

For more information please contact Jesel at 732-901-1800 or

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Jesel Releases Challenger Drag Pak Gen III Hemi Steel Rockers


LAKEWOOD, NJ – Not since the Hurst-built Hemi ‘Cudas and Darts in the late ‘60s has there been such a factory effort to create hand-built factory drag cars as the 2016 Challenger Drag Paks. And the Drag Pak’s new “tip of the spear” in the factory stock wars against the COPO Camaros and Cobra Jet Mustangs is a supercharged 354cid Gen III Hemi that is hand assembled and packs more than 1,000hp. This high-revving, short-stroke 354 and the 2.9L Whipple twin screw supercharger place the valvetrain under plenty of stress. In spite of coming from the factory with aftermarket steel shaft rockers, rocker failure is fairly common.

Jesel is offering Drag Pak owners an easy and lasting fix – a set of direct replacement steel rockers that retain the factory geometry for stock-length valves, and use the stock rocker shaft and hardware. However, these rockers are machined from 4340 forgings just like Jesel’s Top Fuel rockers. They rotate on special bronze bushings, not needle bearings, and feature needle bearing roller tips and built-in spring oilers. These rockers also incorporate an important Jesel innovation – threaded, ball-style lash adjusters that eliminate the counterbore required for traditional cup-style adjusters that weaken the rocker.

The Jesel Drag Pak rockers are simply a replacement bolt-on affair. They fit under stock valve covers with minor mods, or aftermarket fabricated aluminum covers. Jesel also offers an upgraded DLC coated shaft that is stronger is reduces friction.

For more information please go to or call 732-901-1800.

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Fortify Your LS Valvetrain With JESEL Sportsman Series Shaft Rockers

LAKEWOOD, NJ – GM’s LS-Series engines have earned the reputation for high rpm breathing capability. Unfortunately, the stock cast rocker arms and valvesprings have a tough time keeping up – and when you start increasing the stresses with bigger cams, turbos and superchargers, these shortcomings become big issues.

Jesel’s Sportsman Series LS Shaft Rocker systems for GM LS3, L76 and L92 heads will accommodate increased valve spring pressures (up to 800 pounds open pressure), high-lift cams and increased cylinder pressure from power adders. Best of all, they are a simple bolt-on modification that requires no machine work, just a set of taller valve covers for clearance.

While numerous “trunion-type” upgrades exist, Jesel’s proven shaft rocker technology not only strengthens LS valvetrains, it reduces friction by increasing rocker pivot length to 1.450” and using large .520”- diameter tip rollers – effectively reducing sweep and tip roller rotation at the valve tip. The rockers rotating on precision-sorted roller bearings riding on .561” diameter centerless-ground, hardened tool steel shafts provide further friction reduction.

Jesel builds it’s Sportsman Series LS Shaft Rockers to last. The CNC-machined 2024 aluminum rocker bodies are fully shot-peened for improved strength and stress relief. The rocker shafts are super-tough tool steel, and the 3/8”-24 thread cup adjusters, roller bearings and tip rollers are the same components that Jesel uses in its Pro Shaft Rocker Systems. It is unlikely that they will ever need it, but Jesel’s LS shaft rockers are rebuildable by Jesel’s CPR Rebuilding Service.

LS shaft rocker systems are available in 1.70, 1.75 and 1.80 rocker ratios from authorized dealers or directly from Jesel. For more information please go to or call 732-901-1800.

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JESEL Introduces New Chrysler Hemi® Belt Drive Distributor Drive Combo

LAKEWOOD, NJ – The latest generation 5.7L / 6.1L / 6.4L small-block Chrysler Hemi is building a solid reputation in drag racing circles and horsepower shootouts like the Engine Masters Challenge. Jesel’s new bolt-on Hemi belt drive provides racers and engine builders with a solution to integrate camshaft and distributor drives into an extremely accurate single compact unit. It incorporates Jesel’s traditional belt drive features such as a billet aluminum cover, Gates HTD® high torque belt, high-vacuum Teflon™ cam and crank seals, and coated pulleys for wear resistance.

Racers will love the ability to adjust cam timing (± 10 degrees) in a matter of minutes, and the fact that they can swap cams through the front cover without removing the oil pan – perfect for track or dyno testing a bunch of cams. Jesel’s belt drives isolate crankshaft vibration and dampen harmonics resulting in a smoother valvetrain assembly. Camshaft endplay is closely maintained by Jesel’s dual needle, Zero-Thrust cam adapter.

Available single or dual distributor drives provide stable ignition timing for 8 and 16-plug cylinder head applications. Jesel’s individual cylinder timing (ICT) option provides an accurate camshaft sync source for engines using EFI. The pickup can be indexed every 60-degrees for optimum wire routing.

Jesel’s belt drive system requires an external oil pump, remote mount electric water pump and crank trigger ignition system. It is designed for fabricated race pans, but can be used with the OEM pan using the available Jesel pan adapter. The Hemi billet belt drive cover is machined from 6061 aluminum and accepts the OEM gasket and comes with AN -16 water inlet and return fittings. For more information please contact JESEL at 732-901-1800 or

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New Bodymotion Racing Billet Oil Sump Pans For Porsches Prevent Oil Starvation

OCEAN TOWNSHIP, NJ – Porsche owners are showing up at racetracks in ever-increasing numbers. Track days, autocrosses and club events offer them the opportunity to enjoy the full potential of their cars. However, as the quest for speed leads to wider, sticky tires and competition suspension mods, the increased cornering G-forces put the engine at extreme risk from oil starvation. Bodymotion’s new two-piece modular billet oil pan prevents oil starvation and the resulting potential $28,000 engine replacement costs.

Designed for 2000-2008 M96/97 2.5/2.7/2.9/3.2/3.4/3.6/3.8 Liter liquid-cooled engines found in Porsche Generation One Caymen, Carrera and Boxster models. The Bodymotion oil pan was designed to fit with all stock exhausts as well as most aftermarket headers. The new oil sump increases oil capacity by three quarts through its unique “winged” design while not decreasing overall chassis ground clearance. The Bodymotion pan ensures consistent oil pressure by surrounding the pump pickup with an elaborate sump baffle that extends to the bottom of the pan trapping the oil, even in high G corners. (some aftermarket oil pans have a sump that is open at the bottom allowing oil to slosh away from the pickup during hard cornering.) It incorporates eleven baffle windows with innovative one-way rubber control flaps that allow oil to enter the sump, but not flow out. The Bodymotion oil pan also reduces harmful oil aeration (foaming) by returning pressurized oil from the cam covers through air/oil separators that redirect returning oil away form the sump pickup.

Several other features include a pair of opposing drain plugs at opposite sides of the engine, built-in threaded “jack” screws to assist with lower pan removal especially when it is sealed to the engine with Porsche RTV sealant. New swirl pot type air/oil separators are also included. The billet aluminum pan has a machined rib finish with the engraved Bodymotion Racing logo. All attaching hardware and oil pick-up extension and seal ring are also included.

For more information please contact, Bodymotion Racing, 21 Cindy Lane, Ocean Township, NJ 07712. Tel: (732) 493-2700

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JESEL Introduces Belt Drive For World Products Raised-Cam Small-Block Chevy

LAKEWOOD, NJ – When World Products introduced its new raised-cam small-block Chevy at the 2012 PRI Show, JESEL’s Custom Shop had already prototyped and put into production a belt drive system part # KBD-31350. The World Products iron block features a .134” raised cam tunnel that combined with a 9.025” deck height provides room for a 4”-stroke crankshaft. It is available with lifter bores bushed for .904”-diameter lifters and is designed for a 50mm roller bearing cam. The JESEL belt drive system provides the missing link to put this potent engine package together.

JESEL, the innovator and leader in Camshaft Belt Drive technology CNC machines the mounting cover from 6061 billet aluminum fitted with a tensioning idler to compensate for the raised cam location. Other standard JESEL Belt Drive features include a Gates HTD® high torque belt, high-vacuum Teflon™ cam and crank seals, externally adjustable cam timing and coated pulleys for wear resistance. A JESEL Zero-Thrust cam adapter assembly is optional to further reduce camshaft endplay.

Besides the JESEL Belt Drive advantages of super accurate cam timing, quick cam timing adjustments, and crank harmonic isolation, you can easily swap cams through the front cover without removing the oil pan – great for dyno testing and evaluating camshafts at the track.

For more information please contact JESEL at 732-901-1800 or

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JESEL Valvetrain Innovation Introduces New Needle Bearing Lubricant

LAKEWOOD, NJ – Due to the inability of thick engine oils and assembly lubes to properly lubricate the precision needle bearings found in shaft rockers and roller lifters, JESEL has introduced a fully synthetic, self-penetrating lubricant specifically engineered for needle bearing applications. JESEL’s Dry Start Needle Bearing Lube is designed to lubricate difficult-to-reach needle bearings in all types of roller rockers and roller lifters. The pin-point applicator bottle dispenses the special lubricant consisting of a high concentration of Molybdenum to reduce friction, CAM-Shield ZDDP for excellent high pressure and anti-wear protection, and a proprietary SYNERGY technology designed to retain the lubricant in the bearings indefinitely to prevent future dry starts.

JESEL’s roller rockers and roller lifters use special “select-fit” needle bearing assembly techniques, and special precision honing operations to make its roller bearing components the most durable in the industry. Using JESEL’s Dry Start Needle Bearing Lube will add another layer of protection, especially for components that have been cleaned in solvent for inspection and reassembly. These are the most highly stressed components in a race engine, but with the proper care and lubrication they can provide long service.

Available from JESEL under PN LBE-25000 in handy 1 Fl. Oz bottles for $14.95. For more information please contact JESEL at (732) 901-1800 or online at

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JESEL Introduces New Extreme Series Distributor Drive Systems

LAKEWOOD, NJ – As the originator of the camshaft belt drive and front distributor drive systems, JESEL is continually innovating and upgrading its components to keep pace with today’s racing engines. As cylinder pressures elevated in Pro Stock and Pro-Mod type engines, occasional spark scatter and crossfire inside the cap would occur as spark plug voltage requirements increased. JESEL has eliminated this problem with its new Extreme Series Distributor Drive Systems that feature the new MSD® 5-inch Pro-Cap that spreads out the contacts to prevent crossfire inside of the cap - ensuring accurate spark delivery when and where you need it.

The new Extreme Series Distributor drives are available for all popular applications and can be ordered with the optional Individual Cylinder Timing setup for electronic fuel injection systems. For more information, please contact JESEL at 732-901-1800 or visit

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New JESEL Shaft Rockers for Ultra Pro Billet Small-Block Chevy Heads

LAKEWOOD, NJ -- Big cubic inch small-blocks are gaining favor in a number of race series, and the Ultra Pro billet aluminum cylinder heads for 4.400” and 4.500” bore-center blocks are well suited for these larger displacements. JESEL now offers a Pro Series shaft rocker kit with an integral one-piece stand that bolts on with no modifications. The standard kit has been engineered for 5.825”-long valves with a 1.850” rocker pivot length. The rockers are CNC-machined from a custom blend 7000 series aluminum alloy. They feature standard profiled tails for valve cover clearance, a shot peened finish for increase strength and a cup-style tool steel adjuster all for a $1,500.00 racer net price tag. They are available by part # KPS-418168 for 4.500” bore center blocks, and part # KPS-420169 for 4.400” bore centers.

JESEL can custom build these kits to your specifications including rocker ratios from 1.55” to 1.90” and with intake rocker adjuster offsets of up to .750”. The rocker bodies are available in your choice of standard milled slot, a lightweight MoHawk beam version or an extreme duty solid body. For more information please visit our website at: or call our sales department at 732-901-1800.

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JESEL Introduces New Series Of Camshaft Belt Drives

LAKEWOOD, NJ – JESEL is introducing a new cost-effective series of camshaft belt drives that utilize a one-piece upper pulley in place of JESEL’s traditional pulley/spider arrangement. It is more efficient to manufacture and easier to use, but still retains all of the functionality of the original JESEL belt drive design. Quick cam timing adjustments of ±8-degrees, easy cam swaps through the front cover and a 25mm reinforced High Torq Drive™ are some of the key features. Jesel’s belt drives are stronger than chains and gear drives, and help isolate crankshaft harmonic vibrations.

Other standard features include bronze thrust washers and high vacuum Teflon® coated cam and crack seals for years of dependable service. The lower crank pulley is machined out of heat-treated steel, and everything is held together with Grade 8 Allen and Torx™ hardware.

JESEL’s one-piece upper pulley belt drives are available for small- and big-block Chevy, small-block Fords and big-block Chryslers. Accessories are available to run distributor drives and fuel or oil pumps off the front of the cam. Prices start as low as $695 for small-block Chevy models. JESEL’s traditional line of belt drives for most popular O.E. and aftermarket blocks is still available for the professional racer.

For more information please contact JESEL at: 1985 Cedar Bridge Ave., Lakewood, MY 08701. Phone 732.901.1800. Or visit us online at

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New 5.7 & 6.1L Hemi Shaft Rocker System From JESEL Valvetrain Innovation

LAKEWOOD, NJ – Chrysler has kept its tradition of Hemi valvetrain domination alive with its new 5.7 and 6.1L shaft rocker systems. Chrysler’s new-age Hemi is finding its way into high performance and racing applications, and the stock valvetrain is totally inadequate for high-lift cams and high valvespring pressures. JESEL shaft rockers, P/N KPS-300153, are a must if you want to change ratio, install larger valve springs or longer valves because the O.E. rocker system is not adjustable.

The new 1.500 pivot rocker bodies are CNC-machined out of tough, shotpeened 7000 series alloy aluminum and fitted with Timken needle bearings that ride on centerless-ground steel rocker shafts. These rockers will easily clear 1.450” diameter springs and are rated for spring pressures exceeding 600-pounds-open. Other standard features include a one piece aluminum base plate, steel-billet stands available in .025” height increments, all necessary mounting hardware and tool steel lash adjusters.

To reduce friction and valve guide wear, standard .250” wide needle nose rollers are installed to prevent roller “skidding” in high pressure situations. JESEL’s exclusive Ball Adjusters can be added that also reduce friction and result in a slightly stronger rocker body. (Special pushrods with cup ends are required).

Rocker ratios are available from 1.60-1.70. Cylinder head machining is necessary to install this shaft rocker system as well as the elimination of the MDS (multi displacement system). The block must be converted to roller lifters with conventional pushrod type oiling. For more information please contact: JESEL Valvetrain Innovation, 1985 Cedarbridge Ave., Lakewood, NJ 08701. Phone 732.901.1800, Fax 732.901.6777, or visit

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JESEL Releases New Shaft Rockers For TFS Twisted Wedge “R” Cylinder Heads

LAKEWOOD, NJ – Small-block Ford enthusiasts have relied on “Twisted Wedge” technology for years. Fox Lake Racings’ latest Twisted Wedge “R” castings are capable of handling Windsors up to 460 cubic inches, and any combination of supercharging and nitrous. Now JESEL offers a shaft rocker system designed to provide valvetrain stability and durability to 9,000rpm and beyond!

The rocker bodies are CNC-machined out of tough heat-resistant 7000 Series aluminum and shotpeened for strength. They feature 1.465” intake and 1.515” exhaust pivot lengths for reduced friction and are available in rocker ratios of 1.60-1.75. Standard features include lightening slots, Timken shaft needle bearings, clip pin nose rollers, centerless-ground steel alloy shafts, billet steel rocker stands and Torx hardware. Options abound – the MoHawk lightening option increases valvespring life and needlebearing nose rollers prevent roller “skidding” under extreme pressure. Tool steel adjusters provide better impact and wear characteristics. JESEL’s exclusive Ball Adjusters are also available that reduce friction and add strength to the rocker bodies.

For more information please contact: JESEL Valvetrain Innovation, 1985 Cedarbridge Ave., Lakewood, NJ 08701. Phone 732.901.1800, Fax 732.901.6777, or visit

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New JESEL Shaft Rockers For Dart Big Chief Cylinder Heads

LAKEWOOD, NJ – Dart’s Big Chief cylinder heads for big-block Chevys are arguably the most popular cylinder heads in bracket and sportsman drag racing. They do however present a challenge to valvetrain designers due to their aggressive valve locations and pushrod angles that put extreme sideloads on shaft rockers. JESEL solved much of the problem with its “Zero Thrust” upgrade a couple of years ago that located a Torrington needle thrust bearing to absorb the side loads exerted on the rocker.

JESEL has just released another upgrade for the Dart Big Chief – a one-piece billet stand that securely anchors the shaft rocker system to the head. A simple machine shop milling operation is required to bring all rocker pads down to the same level, but any competent machine shop can easily perform this operation. (JESEL will also do the machine work if you send your cylinder heads to them).

The rockers are CNC machined out of heat-resistant, 7000 Series aluminum, shotpeened for strength and fitted with precision Timken needle bearings that ride on centerless-ground, high-strength steel shafts. These rockers are rated for more than one-inch-lift cams and 1,200 pounds of open spring pressure. Several options are available including .360 or .250”-wide needle nose rollers, several lightening options such as the single-rib MoHawk style, and JESEL’s exclusive ball adjusters that reduce friction and make the rocker even stronger.

For more information please contact: JESEL Valvetrain Innovation, 1985 Cedarbridge Ave., Lakewood, NJ 08701. Phone 732.901.1800, Fax 732.901.6777, or visit

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L92 Shaft Rockers from JESEL

LAKEWOOD, NJ – LS motor enthusiasts are going crazy over GM’s L92 cylinder heads that offer huge flow numbers at an extremely reasonable price. The only component lacking for the L92 head was a race-ready performance valvetrain. JESEL solved that problem with a sophisticated shaft rocker system that is capable of delivering more power due to greatly reducing valvetrain friction, and providing rock-steady valvetrain stability at extreme rpm.

Much of the friction reduction is due to the 1.400” pivot length that reduces “scrub” between the rocker and valve tip. The rockers ride on precision needle bearings plus a .250”-wide needle bearing nose roller ensure smooth rocker action throughout the lift curve. Other standard features include JESEL’s proprietary 7000 series alloy rocker bodies CNC machined to JESEL’s exclusive Mohawk shape that provides the lightest and stiffest rocker possible. The rocker bodies also featured profiled tail sections for valve cover clearance and are shotpeened for added strength.

There is a choice of rocker ratios from 1.65-1.90, and tool steel pushrod cup adjusters are also standard. Optional ball adjusters are available for reduced friction and to add even more strength to the rocker body (another JESEL innovation). ARP hardware anchors the one-piece billet steel stands and centerless-ground shaft assemblies.

Installation is a simple bolt-on operation with no cylinder head machining required. However, taller valve covers or valve cover spacers are required for adequate clearance. For more information please contact JESEL at 1985 Cedarbridge Ave., Lakewood, NJ 08701. Phone 732-901-1800. Fax 732-901-6777. Or visit us on the web at

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New JESEL Big-Block Ford Belt Drive System

LAKEWOOD, NJ – Designed for the Ford Racing E-460 block (PN M-6009-E460), JESEL’s new belt drive is available in two separate models, one for mechanical fuel pumps and another for electric fuel pumps (both accept aftermarket water pumps). They have all of JESEL’s standard features which include quick external cam timing adjustments ± 10-degrees, the ability to swap cams through the front cover without removing the oil pan, and a patented Gates High Torq Drive belt that is stronger and more durable that chains or gear drives. The JESEL belt drive also absorbs crankshaft harmonics for more precise valve and ignition timing.

For more information please contact JESEL, 1985 Cedar Bridge Ave., Lakewood, NJ 08701. Telephone 732-901-1800. Fax 732-901-6777. Email: or visit our web site at:

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Zero-Thrust Cam Adapters From JESEL Valvetrain Innovation

LAKEWOOD, NJ – One of the most damaging things to a high-performance engine is camshaft endplay enabling the camshaft to move back and forth in the engine block. This “cam walk” sets up a chain of events that can quickly lead to catastrophic engine failure. What happens is that excessive cam endplay can side-load roller lifters, causing the roller needles to lock-up and fail. By converting to the JESEL needle bearing thrust assembly camshaft endplay can be controlled, and limited to as little as .001-inches.

JESEL introduced its Zero-Thrust Needle Bearing Cam Adapters as an option for its belt drive systems in 2000. Since then they have been standard equipment on all Nextel Cup, Busch and Craftsman Truck belt drives and race proved in everything from Pro Stock to Super Stock.

Available for small- and big-block Chevys and small-block Fords the JESEL Zero-Thrust Cam Adapters replace the standard JESEL bronze thrust washers. The heat-treated tool steel cam adapter rides against a Torrington-style needle thrust bearing – the ONLY bearing to use in high-load thrust applications – allowing cam endplay to be reduced to as little as .001”. As a direct replacement for the bronze shims, this needle bearing thrust assembly can be installed on a JESEL belt drive in minutes and can be economically serviced when necessary.

For more information please contact JESEL at 1985 Cedarbridge Ave., Lakewood, NJ 08701. Phone 732-901-1800. Fax 732-901-6777. Or visit us on the web at

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JESEL OHC Double Roller Cam Followers For Ford Modular 2V, 3V & 4V Engines

LAKEWOOD, NJ – Modular Ford racers have found that the standard O.E. cam followers cannot stand up to extreme rpm, high valve spring loads and supercharging without the factory followers gauling at the point of contact with the valve tip. JESEL’s latest patented innovation, its Double Roller Cam Followers totally eliminate this problem by incorporating a needle bearing nose roller and a needle bearing cam roller to eliminate friction, wear and horsepower loss.

The CNC-machined billet-aluminum rocker body is shotpeened for increased strength, that allows the use of higher spring pressures and higher lift cams. These double roller cam followers are available with JESEL solid or hydraulic lash adjusters. Whether you are road racing a Mustang or just improving the performance of your Mustang or Lightning truck, the combination of JESEL cam followers and lash adjusters will greatly improve your engine’s reliability over stock followers.

For more information please contact JESEL, 1985 Cedar Bridge Ave., Lakewood, NJ 08701. Telephone 732-901-1800. Fax 732-901-6777. Email: or visit our web site at:

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