ATM Redefines Throttle Stop Racing


BOWLING GREEN, KY – Index and ET racing has grown immensely in popularity, and consistent ETs are the key to winning. Throttle stops and on-board electronics have become essential tools for consistent ETs especially in fast changing track and weather conditions. While most stops simply limit horsepower, ATM Innovation’s new Double D™ Throttle Stops not only limit power when they are closed, they actually increase horsepower when they are fully open. The contoured billet body features unique “D”-shaped throttle blades that increase flow and horsepower. The throttle shafts ride on Oilite® bushings for long and smooth service, and they are fitted with shaft seals to eliminate vacuum leaks and to prevent dirt and dust from getting into your engine.                                                            

The 3”-thick ATM billet Double D™ throttle stop body is black anodized to prevent corrosion and fits 4700/4500 flange carburetors and manifolds. They accept anti-reversion/shear plates up to 2.400”. The linkage and actuator mounts are bullet-proof with .300”-thick throttle arms, Heim-end adjustment rods and thick billet aluminum actuator and adjustment stop mounts. An Adjustment knob with graduated reverence lines provides precise throttle plate angle adjustment for setting closed stop rpm.

The ATM Double D™ throttle stops are available for air (P/N: DD-235A) or electric (P/N: DD-235E), and they are compatible with gas or methanol. For more information please contact ATM at 270-846-3964 or Facebook@ATMINNOVATION.

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